Changemakers with a people-liberating business idea

We support a cohort of up to five social entrepreneurs from all over the world with Money, Mentoring and Muscle every year.
Each person has a people-liberating social enterprise idea but lacks the funding and business expertise to progress it.
And that's where we come in.

The application criteria

To be eligible for our Money, Mentoring and Muscle support you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Your business can be defined as a social enterprise.

  2. Your business is in the pre-seed, seed or early stages of development.

  3. Your business has potential for financial sustainability.

  4. Your business intends for profits to bring freedom to a specific group of people in need.

  5. You are committed to participating in our year-long programme.

  6. You have realistic time and capacity to progress your business.

Sound like you? Apply between 1-31 March. But first... 

Meet our entrepreneurs...

Keen to see who we're currently supporting, and those we've supported in years gone by?
These are faces of those who have been accepted into our programme each year since our inception in 2018. 

Want to be an All Good Venture too?

Feeling inspired by these social enterprises? If you too have a financially sustainable business idea that will see eventual profits go towards bringing freedom to people experiencing some sort of deprivation, it’s time to consider putting in an application between 1 - 31 March.

Failing faster is sometimes the outcome

Our founders are entrepreneurs who have started a few businesses, so they are realists. We’re aware that not all business ideas become fully fledged companies for one reason or another. And that’s okay; it’s all good. We know we’ll fund some ventures that don’t become successful businesses. Our hope is, however, that the experiences of the social entrepreneurs we assist takes them one step closer to living their life purpose. When that happens, All Good Ventures chalks every funded experience up as a success.  Supporting social entrepreneurs is what we are about. 


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