Our Impact Partners - supporting social entrepreneurs

Each has something in common: a unique idea for a social enterprise that, over time, will pour profits into freeing people from significant hardship or deprivation. Freedom can take many different forms. It might look like access to clean water, healthcare or education; delivery from child slavery; or perhaps work opportunities for the unemployed, just to name a few examples. 

Those we support are always armed with an abundance of passion. But when they come to us they're missing what they really need to kickstart their business idea: funding, business expertise, and a bit of extra business support. And that’s where we step in. 

We take applications from social entrepreneurs annually in March and, after assessing these against key criteria, offer successful applicants three things: Money, Mentoring and Muscle to bring their social enterprise dreams to life.

Meet our Impact Partners

We have been supporting social entrepreneurs since our inception in 2018 with Money, Mentoring and Muscle.

Want to be an All Good Venture too?

Feeling inspired by these social enterprises? If you too have a financially sustainable business idea that will see eventual profits go towards bringing freedom to people experiencing some sort of deprivation, it’s time to consider putting in an application between 1 - 31 March.

Failing faster is sometimes the outcome

Our founders are entrepreneurs who have started a few businesses, so they are realists. We’re aware that all business ideas do not become fully fledged companies for one reason or another. And that’s okay; it’s all good. We know we’ll fund some ventures that don’t become successful businesses. Our hope is, however, that the experiences of the social entrepreneurs we assist takes them one step closer to living their life purpose. When that happens, All Good Ventures chalks every funded experience up as a success.  Supporting social entrepreneurs is what we are about. 


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