Supporting social entrepreneurs to start purpose-driven businesses

Start your purpose-driven business

Every year we support a cohort of social entrepreneurs to start businesses. But not just any businesses.
Social enterprises that use profits to help people in desperate need.

Our unique one-year programme is targeted at those who have a people-liberating social enterprise idea
but lack the resources to get it off the ground.

 We equip chosen ventures with three essentials: Money, Mentoring and Muscle.
Because we know that starting a business is tough.
And we believe that, with the right help, your clever business idea can bring freedom to those less fortunate.

Is it time to start your purpose-driven business? Applications open annually in March.

Hear our backstory

Listen to our founders speak about their passion to see people around the world freed from deprivation through clever business ideas.

Hear from our social entrepreneurs

Listen to some of the social entrepreneurs we’ve supported talk about the businesses they’ve launched and how we helped them do-so. If you have a fitting business idea - consider applying to become an All Good Venture in our annual application round.

How we support

Find out about the three specific things we provide to social entrepreneurs who apply with us and are accepted into our programme: Money, Mentoring, and Muscle.

Who we support

Find out whether you and your business idea meet the criteria to apply for our support, and read about the social enterprises we’ve journeyed with to-date.

Become an All Good Venture

Feeling inspired yet? If you have a financially sustainable business idea that will see eventual profits go towards bringing freedom to people experiencing some sort of deprivation, it’s time to consider putting in an application between 1 - 31 March.

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Purpose made possible

“Our Christian faith is the driving force behind what we do. Our purpose is simple; we want to help people 'do good' for others through social entrepreneurship. We established All Good Ventures to make your purpose possible - no strings attached.”

Heather and Rod, Founders.

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

The Bible, Ephesians 2:10


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