Lids 4 Kids

Project leader: Emma Holliday
Location: Canberra, Australia

Lids4Kids, established in 2019, is dedicated to supporting people with disabilities across Australia. The organisation collects and recycles small plastics that would otherwise end up in landfills. These materials are ingeniously transformed into beautiful and sustainable products that keep plastics out of landfill for 120-160 years. To date, the organisation has rescued more than 100 000 000 lids from landfill.

In addition to their product-focused efforts, Lids4Kids also runs a Disability Inclusion Programme for people living with a disability in Canberra. Each week, up to 60 adults with disabilities participate in these programmes, which are conducted for 40 weeks throughout the year. These programmes foster inclusivity, provide valuable support, and empower participants to lead fulfilling lives.

Recently Lids4Kids made a strategic decision to start a social enterprise to enhance its efforts and better support people living with a disability engage with meaningful work and employment. This is where All Good Ventures comes in. With our help Lid4Kids will launch Zero Waste Warrior Business Bins (ZWWB Bins), a plastics recycling and collection initiative specifically designed for businesses. Through a subscription model, businesses will host a small plastics recycling station, promoting sustainable practices within their operations.

Profits generated from ZWWB will be reinvested to employ adults with disabilities to assist in running the social enterprise. Tasks will include setting up the recycling stations, collecting and processing the plastics. Profit over and above that will help cover the costs of expanding the Disability Inclusion Programme.


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