Become an All Good Venture

We take applications from social entrepreneurs all over the world annually between 1 – 31 March.
Before completing your application, please read the full criteria below.

Full application criteria

To apply and be accepted as an All Good Venture you must meet these six criteria.

Criteria 1. Your business can be defined as a social enterprise.

We fund/support social enterprises, not non-profits. By definition, a social enterprise is a business with a social motive. It aims to maximise profits and use the money for a specific social cause. Basically, it makes money and makes a difference.

Criteria 2. Your business is in the pre-seed, seed or early stages of development.

We fund/support social enterprises in the beginning stages of a business lifecycle. In official terms, this means pre-seed, seed and sometimes early stage (see definitions in our General FAQs). In everyday terms, you have a well-thought-out business concept, or you might have moved that concept through to market – but only just!

Criteria 3: Your business has potential for financial sustainability.

We fund/support social enterprises that won’t rely on grants or donations forever. We know this doesn’t happen overnight. But we want to see that your business model strives to make enough revenue to, eventually, cover costs including salaries AND return a profit for the benefit of people in need.

Criteria 4: Your business intends for profits to bring freedom to people in need.

We fund/support social enterprises that put eventual profits towards bringing freedom to people in need. We consider people in need to be those who lack equal access to one or more of life’s basic requirements: food and/or water, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, safety, employment, inclusion or other. We want to see that you have a specific community in mind that fits this definition, and that profits will be used to alleviate their hardship.

Note: If your enterprise primarily serves an environmental cause, we kindly request that you look elsewhere for support. We exclusively fund/support social enterprises that are people-centric, not planet-focused.

Criteria 5: You are committed to participating in our year-long programme.

We fund/support people looking for more than just money. Successful applicants receive a seed funding grant upfront, but also commit to engaging in a year-long mentoring programme requiring the development of a business plan and budget early on, and monthly mentoring meetings thereafter. We want to know you’re ready for this.

Criteria 6: You have realistic time and capacity for your business.

We fund/support individuals who genuinely prioritise their business from day one. It shouldn't be a lesser priority compared to other major commitments like regular employment, education, or other entrepreneurial ventures. Ideally, a minimum of 20 hours per week should be given to it, with a future goal of full-time engagement. We want to see a realistic estimate of your time availability in your application.

A few final things

If you meet the criteria above, please:

  1. Submit your application and communicate in English.

  2. Ensure you have included a public video link in your application, explaining your social enterprise idea.

  3. Have internet access with videoconferencing capabilities.

  4. Be aware that, if successful, you'll need to:

    • Submit expenditure reports for your use of our funding.

    • Provide project updates on request, including photos and videos.

    • Participate in three, six, and nine-month catch-ups to discuss your programme experience.

Become an All Good Venture

Feeling inspired yet? If you have an idea for a social enterprise that meets the criteria above, submit an application between 1 - 31 March.

What to expect following your application

Here's a timeline of what to expect following your application.

  • April/early May: Applications assessed, shortlist made, and notifications sent to all applicants. Shortlisted applicants interviewed on Zoom.

  • May: Final decisions made, successful applicants notified, and support agreements signed.

  • June onwards: Seed funding transferred to successful applicants and their year-long business mentorship programme begins.

Purpose made possible

“Our Christian faith is the driving force behind what we do. Our purpose is simple; we want to help people 'do good' for others through social entrepreneurship. We established All Good Ventures to make your purpose possible - no strings attached.”

Heather and Rod, Founders.

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

The Bible, Ephesians 2:10


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