Next application round opens 1 March 2022

Applications officially open on 1 March annually, and close at the end of March for review in April.


To apply for funding and acceptance as an All Good Venture, you must meet the following 4 criteria:

  1. Your business idea will generate a profit, of which the majority will be returned to assist people to be freed from some form of extreme deprivation, for example poverty, slavery, lack of education or nutrition, etc.
  2. Your business idea is capable of becoming fully financially sustainable. In other words, once set up and established, the goods/service you sell will cover all your costs AND have the potential for returning a profit that will be fully donated to your chosen cause.
  3. You are open-minded and willing to accept All Good Ventures' mentor's advice and support.
  4. Your values and ethics align with our founders' Christian values.


  • Submit your application in English.
  • Be willing to work with an All Good Ventures business mentor and commit to implementing their suggested actions.
  • Agree to submit a report with receipts for how you spend the All Good Venture funding, if asked.
  • Have access to the internet, including a mechanism for videoconferencing (Skype, Zoom or other).
  • Have access to Facebook and Instagram and agree to post to these social channels to share your story.
  • Agree to provide regular updates, photos, video that All Good Ventures can share on our social media channels, blog and promotional materials.

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