The business at a glance

  • Business type: Plastics Recycling Centre.

  • Location: Nepal (Province 2).

  • Scheduled to launch: 2024.

  • Is it a revenue-generating arm of an existing organisation? Yes. The business will be run by UK-based non-profit, Our Sansar. 

Which marginalised community does it serve?

Our Sansar Recycling Centre is being established to support families from the Dalit (untouchable) castes in Province 2, Southern Nepal, where one in four people live below the poverty line.

Generally, Dalit families face severe discrimination, limited access to education, and lack stable employment opportunities, leading to the prevalence of child labor within these communities.

These families are already receiving support from parent organization, Our Sansar, through its End to Child Labour Project and other programmes.

Our Sansar’s recycling center business will provide a new pathway to sustainable employment for these families.

Tell me more about the business...

Once operational, Our Sansar Recycling Centre will process plastic waste into recycled plastic chips. The recycled products will be sold to local factories that have already agreed to purchase them, fulfilling a significant demand in the region.

The enterprise's goal is to offer training and stable employment to Dalit families, beginning with 15 families with whom Our Sansar has established relationships.

Eventual business profits will be reinvested into operating the centre, including wages. Over and above that, they’ll be used to create additional jobs, establish more recycling centers and potentially produce other recycled plastic products for sale.

Meet the project leaders...

In 2024/2025 we'll be working with Our Sansar Founder, Julia Krepska, and Our Sansar Regional Project Coordinator, Ajay Parajuli. We’re excited to help them grow Our Sansar Recycling Centre, bringing hope to Dalit communities in Nepal.

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