All Good Ventures was launched in 2018 by founders, Rod and Heather Claycomb to offer social enterprise funding, mentoring, and business support to social entrepreneurs all over the world. 

However, the genesis of our idea started nearly a decade ago. Listen to our story.


Rod and Heather Claycomb live in Hamilton, New Zealand.  They grew up in different parts of Pennsylvania, USA.  

After meeting at university, their entrepreneurial careers began in Denver, Colorado where Rod was employed with a start-up organisation while Heather started her first communications consultancy.

In 1999, Rod was recruited to work in New Zealand and soon thereafter became managing director of a new biotech venture.  To this day, his entreprenuerial journey continues through his own company, Quantec.

After moving to New Zealand, Heather held several jobs in PR and marketing.  In 2004, she started her own PR agency, HMC Communications.

Both Heather and Rod grew up in strong Christian families and their Christian values are the driving force behind All Good Ventures.


One of our non-negotiables is that each of our All Good Ventures social entrepreneurs must accept a business mentor, in addition to their social enterprise funding.

So, Heather and Rod thought they better take their own advice. 

The All Good Ventures steering group is like an informal board.  Members offer Rod and Heather advice and support to ensure All Good Ventures stays on track. 

If you'd like to know who are steering group members are, get in touch.


All Good Ventures is a registered New Zealand Charity (CC56351).

In 2018 our founders formed All Good Ventures LP (limited liability partnership).  All Good Ventures LP has as one of its partner organisations, All Good Foundation Trust, which is charitable partner.  Forming an LP allows us to partner with other charitable organisations under the All Good Ventures LP umbrella from across the world when opportunities arise.  And this special legal structure allows our partners to come and go as projects begin and end.


What sets All Good Ventures apart is that we are passionate about helping people who want to 'do good' for others through social entrepreneurship.

All Good Ventures foundational Bible verse is:

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

-The Bible, in the book of Ephesians chapter 2:10

If you feel one of the ‘good works’ you're meant to do is to start a business to free a group of people somewhere in the world from some sort of extreme deprivation in their lives, then All Good Ventures wants to make your purpose possible by providing social enterprise funding, mentoring, and business support.And while All Good Ventures was built on our founders' personal Christian values, it's important to note that we are inclusive in all that we do.  It's quite simple - if you want to build a sustainable, profitable business that will 'do good' for people, we want to talk.


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