Where it all began

All Good Ventures is a registered family charity founded by New Zealand-based Americans Heather and Rod Claycomb. Both successful businesspeople themselves, the Claycombs launched All Good Ventures in 2018. Spurred on by their Christian faith, their heart behind the charity is to see people freed from deprivation through others’ clever business ideas.
Listen to their story.

Our founders

Rod and Heather are originally from Pennsylvania USA, but have lived in Hamilton New Zealand for more than 20 years. Their entrepreneurial careers began in Colorado where Rod was employed with a start-up organisation while Heather started her first communications consultancy. In the late 90s Rod was recruited to work in New Zealand and soon thereafter became managing director of a new biotech venture. To this day, his entrepreneurial journey continues through his own company, Quantec. After moving to New Zealand, Heather held several jobs in PR and marketing before starting her own successful PR agency in 2004, HMC. Both Heather and Rod grew up in strong Christian families and their faith is the driving force behind All Good Ventures.

Our organisation

All Good Ventures is a registered New Zealand Charity (CC56351). In 2018 our founders formed All Good Ventures LP (limited liability partnership). All Good Ventures LP has as one of its partner organisations, All Good Foundation Trust, which is charitable partner. Forming an LP allows us to partner with other charitable organisations under the All Good Ventures LP umbrella from across the world when opportunities arise. This special legal structure also allows our partners to come and go as projects begin and end.

Our funding. How you can support All Good Ventures

For its first three years All Good Ventures was financed solely through the annual profits of Heather’s business, HMC, and personal donations from the founders plus a few friends and family. 
Now however, anyone can easily support our charity by way of a donation. 
Donations small and large, ongoing and one-off, are all welcome and celebrated. Check out your donation options below.

Option 1: Donate directly

You can make a donation directly to All Good Ventures via internet banking. Donate this way if you want to support the work we do with social enterprises.

Simply transfer the desired amount via your internet banking using the following details:

  • Account name: All Good Foundation Charitable Trust
  • Account number: 12-3492-0041645-00 
  • Reference: [Your Surname]

Alternatively, ‘purchase’ a specified $20, $50 or $100 donation via our online shop.

By donating this way, your money will be used towards the immediate needs of our charity, including the funding of existing social enterprises and the operations of All Good Ventures.

Option 2: Donate via our named fund

You can make a donation, or leave a bequest, via our recently established named fund within Momentum Waikato’s regional endowment. Donate this way if you want to contribute toward the enduring legacy of our work with future social enterprises.

Simply click the button below and select your payment option.

By donating this way, your money will be wisely invested to generate ongoing returns for All Good Ventures. Ultimately this means we can support social entrepreneurs in perpetuity for many generations to come.

Donations receipts

All donations to All Good Ventures are tax deductible.
If you donate using Option 1, we will send you a donations receipt. Please email info@allgood.ventures with your name and address so we can get this to you. If you donate via Option 2, Momentum Waikato will send you a donations receipt.

Our shop

We also have an online shop selling a small array of products including t-shirts, lolly jar gifts and more. Buy yourself or a mate something nice and support our charity while you’re at it! Profits from all sales go straight back into All Good Ventures.

Become an All Good Venture

Feeling inspired yet? If you have a financially sustainable business idea that will see eventual profits go towards bringing freedom to people experiencing some sort of deprivation, it’s time to consider putting in an application between 1 - 31 March.

Purpose made possible

“Our Christian faith is the driving force behind what we do. Our purpose is simple; we want to help people 'do good' for others through social entrepreneurship. We established All Good Ventures to make your purpose possible - no strings attached.”

Heather and Rod, Founders.

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

The Bible, Ephesians 2:10


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