The three M’s: Money, Mentoring and Muscle

Uniquely, we don’t simply fund social enterprise ideas and walk away. Our one-of-a-kind model is to offer three key things to social entrepreneurs who apply and are accepted with us.
We call these the three Ms, or Money, Mentoring and Muscle.

An initial injection of seed funding to kickstart your business idea, typically ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 (NZD).

A dedicated business mentor that supports you to complete a year-long business mentoring programme, starting with a business plan.

Support with small to medium sized jobs that crop up in your first year of business. Ones you're not resourced to manage or carry out on your own.

More on Money

It’s a start
Our seed funding of between $5,000 to $20,000 (NZD) won't be all the money you need, but it will help give you momentum to launch your business idea.

It’s a gift
The seed funding we offer successful applicants is a gift, not a loan. You don't need to pay us back. Simply use the money for the intended purpose of starting your social enterprise, and work with one of our All Good Ventures business mentors to help ensure the gift is used wisely.

Accessing it
Seed funding is transferred into successful applicants’ bank account following the signing of a standard Support Agreement, and after completing a business plan alongside your All Good Ventures business mentor in the first eight weeks following acceptance.

Using it
We envision the seed funding being used for things like funding a reconnaissance trip to your target community to research a need and make connections; funding to help apply for consents and permissions to set up your business; covering expenses related to forming partnerships; or purchasing the basics required to start operations. These are just examples. Our All Good Ventures business mentors can help suggest ways in which you might use it wisely as you start your business.

More on Mentoring

Dedicated support from experienced experts
Each social enterprise is allocated a dedicated business mentor sourced via our founders’ extensive business networks. Our mentors are successful businesspeople that know how to develop and implement a business plan, form successful partnerships, build and manage great teams, and more. We can’t always connect you with a mentor in your local Country, but we always endeavor to find you a good fit.    

The mentoring goal
The goal of our business mentoring programme is simple: to help move each social enterprise from ‘seed’ stage – or just an idea - into ‘start-up’ stage, where the enterprise’s product or service is live and the business is working towards sustainable growth.  

The commitment
The year-long programme is broken into two components:

  1. First eight weeks (two months): You’ll meet fortnightly with our Founder, Rod Claycomb, to complete a One Page Strategic Plan (business plan) for your social enterprise.
  2. Next 10 months: AGV will then provide access to an external Business Mentor based on the needs uncovered in your One Page Strategic Plan. You’ll meet with your allocated Business Mentor monthly for the next 10 months to glean specific business advice and support based on your key needs.

More on Muscle

When you’re starting a social enterprise, there’s a million jobs to do. These include but are not limited to research, finance and accounting, photography and videography, marketing, public relations, and funding applications. 

All Good Ventures aims to alleviate some of the stress these jobs can create by offering our support. As-and-when you ask, we reach out to our extensive personal and social networks to ask for the hands, feet, brains, brawn, and prayer support to get the jobs you need done, done. 

Naturally we can’t always find the appropriate resources within our networks, but we make every effort to try. Because teamwork makes the dream work.

Become an All Good Venture

Feeling inspired yet? If you have a financially sustainable business idea that will see eventual profits go towards bringing freedom to people experiencing some sort of deprivation, it’s time to consider putting in an application between 1 - 31 March and get that money, mentoring and muscle.


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