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We are excited to announce our first supported venture EVER! Morningside Urban Market Garden in Auckland is developing a community garden that grows microgreens and edible flowers with the help of refugee women in the local community. A disused bowling club is being regenera...
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The Means or the End?

March 31, 2019
Today, I was asking myself a question.  What is better…the journey or the ending?  You might think that a truly enlightened person would answer, “Of course, it’s the journey, never the ending.”  That’s also the answer that would be more politica...
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Can you relate to this?  When I was at Millville High School, someone asked me once how I envisioned my life playing out.  I can remember saying I wanted to be a music director and play piano for a big church one day.  Definitely, I saw music as part of my pur...
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Profits for people in need

December 2, 2018
Many, if not most, people spend their working lives employed by a business that pays the bills.  Obviously, they contribute to the bottom line of the company they work for.  But, rarely do they need to worry about how to pay for the company’s expenses.  They...
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Philippians 1:6 “ …. He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” We’re starting something good. Today Rod and I launched All Good Ventures by telling our friends, family and close networks about this vision that...
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