Making cents from scents for education

Bhavisha Kumar, The Good Karma Co: Auckland, New Zealand     

Bhavisha was born in Fiji and came to New Zealand when she was 13. She always wanted to start a social enterprise and help underprivileged children get access to education. This passion came from her father who grew up in a poor family in Fiji.  He was one of the lucky children who did gain access to education, which provided a future for himself and his family.  However, Bhavisha has seen first-hand many Fijians who have not been so lucky and she wants to help - both in Fiji and other countries around the world.  She's dreaming big!

Bhavisha has an accounting and management background and is currently the general manager of a well-known New Zealand franchise.  She's also doing her executive masters degree in business. Her desire is to turn The Good Karma Company into a full time business and build a library, as a first step, and eventually a school in two years' time.

Take a look at her amazing products.  (Heather recommend the candles - they smell amazing!) https://thegoodkarmacompany.co


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