Smartphone app tackles anger issues

Ron Vink, Whistlebox app: Lower Hutt, New Zealand     

Police are called out to a Family Violence incident every 5 minutes in New Zealand, which takes up 43% of their time. In New Zealand a woman is killed by a partner or ex-partner every month. Children are being abused at one of the highest rates in the developed world and anxiety issues in the community is at an all-time high.

Last year, Ron Vink met a gentleman who had come up with an app which connects to an Apple Smart Watch.  The app sends a message of the user’s choice to help them calm down when their heart rate reaches a certain level.

Ron believes the Whistlebox app will be helpful for people affected by family violence, anxiety, and road rage.  He is working with the developer and they are now at the stage where the app is completed and ready to market.

Profits from the app will be funnelled back into various charities which Ron heads up in the Lower Hutt, Wellington area.  These charities focus on a range of local needs including helping people with family violence issues. 

Learn more: https://whistlebox.care/


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