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Here, you'll discover a library of resources tailored to support you in your role. Our collection includes resources we've created from scratch, as well as carefully selected materials from external sources. Dive in, download, and make the most of these tools to thrive as a mentor!

Considering becoming a mentor?

If you're thinking about becoming a business mentor with us, start with these resources...

Want to know what it takes to be a mentor with us? Find out in this ultimate guide. It outlines the role of our business mentors, discusses the commitment and qualifications required, highlights the support we offer, explains the benefits of becoming a mentor, and provides steps on how to get involved.  

Have you read the Mentoring Info Doc and want to proceed as a mentor? Then it's time to complete this form. It gathers details about your professional background, skills, and expertise, all in one secure place. Once we have your details we can finalise your match and get you started as a mentor.

Getting started...

If you've been paired with a social enterprise and you’re about to start mentoring, it’s time to dig into these resources...

A bit of pre-reading

Before your first mentoring session, familiarise yourself with these three business strategy templates. Your social enterprise has been using them for the past eight weeks with our guidance to create their own One Page Strategic Plan (OPSP) and budget. 

These are the guidelines your enterprise used to craft their unique OPSP. Review this to get valuable insights into their strategic planning process.

This is the OPSP template your social enterprise has now filled in, using the guidelines to the left. When confirmed as a mentor, we will provide your enterprise’s completed OPSP to help you understand their unique strategy and action plans.

This is the budget template your social enterprise has used for financial planning. When confirmed as a mentor, we will provide your enterprise’s initial budget so you can help them refine it, if necessary, and stay on track.

Get going on the right foot

How you structure your monthly mentoring meetings is up to you and your enterprise. However, it's crucial to discuss and define this together early-on so you're both on the same page. The first two documents below will help you do just that; remember to review them at your first meeting. The third doc? That's an extra bonus!

This agreement sets the stage for your mentorship. Review and sign it together with your social enterprise to define your partnership's parameters. Keep a copy for yourselves and send one to

While entirely optional, this editable agenda can bring structure to your meetings. Discuss it with your social enterprise at the outset of your relationship to decide if and how you'll use it going forward.

And the final document to help you start well? A set of practical tips and tricks. From building a strong initial connection to sharing your experiences to celebrating achievements, we hope these strategies leave you feeling well equipped for the mentoring journey ahead.

Another optional document, this is one you can pass onto your mentee. It's full of questions they can use as conversation starters for your monthly meetings. It's especially useful if they're unsure about what to discuss on any given month.

Monthly meeting reports

Please take a few moments to complete this report after every meeting with your social enterprise. Regular reporting helps us to track progress and provide the best support to both you and your social enterprise.

Resources to guide you

Continual learning is key to effective mentorship. Explore the materials below to keep refining your mentorship craft and stay at the top of your game...

Online articles




Harvard Business Review

Teaches that the best mentors help mentees become who
they want to be, not who the mentor thinks they should be.

Harvard Business Review

Discusses the need to focus on mentoring the whole person
instead of simply business advancement.


Offers seven practical tips for being a successful mentor.


14 members of Forbes Coaches Council share advice for
first-time mentors on how to take on a mentor-mentee relationship





Verne Harnish

Explores strategies for scaling businesses successfully.
Note: Rod has used the principles outlined in this book
as the foundation for his eight weeks of OPSP work with enterprises.

Ben Freedman and Craig Carey

Provides insights into building and growing high-impact social enterprises. *This book has come recommended by one of our All Good Ventures’ mentors.

Julie Starr

A practical, step-by-step guide to effective mentoring for mentors in various fields.

Note: These book recommendations are based either on our own reading, or on 4+ star ratings on Goodreads.


Podcast Name



Dave Stachowiak

Focuses on leadership and coaching, with frequent discussions on mentoring
topics and practical advice for mentors and leaders.


Explores life-changing mentoring stories from Mentorloop's community of over
30000 mentoring participants worldwide.

Dr. Bill Dorfman™

Showcases mentors in many fields and industries who share their experiences
with New York Times Best-Selling author, Dr. Bill Dorfman, the founder of The
LEAP Foundation.

Jay Dhillon

Shares experiences, ideas and happenings in the world of business. Hosted by
award winning entrepreneur and Princes Trust Business Mentor Jay Dhillon

James Laughlin

Shares inspiring interviews from the most successful people on the planet -
dignitaries, Fortune 200 CEO's and change-makers.


Blog name



Mentoring Complete

Offers articles and resources on business mentoring, including tips for
mentors, case studies, and best practices.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning frequently publishes articles and resource on mentoring,
leadership development, and professional growth. It can be a valuable
source of insights for mentors.


Chronus is a mentoring software provider. Their blog covers topics related
to mentoring, coaching, and talent development, with a focus on best
practices and industry trends.

Free resources for your enterprise

Looking for tools, templates and resources for your enterprise? Our friends at SODA have got you covered! Explore their free resource library, covering business planning, financials, sales, marketing, exporting, funding, and more.

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