Meet our 2023 business mentors

Finding the right volunteer business mentors to lead Phase Two of our mentoring programme each year is a top priority for All Good Ventures. Annually we scout suitable candidates from our pool of past mentors, businesspeople from within our personal networks and, occasionally, businesspeople from outside sources like LinkedIn, mentoring sites, or other business groups to find just the right fit for our entrepreneurs. So which pros have we locked in for this year’s cohort? Read on to find out about the three seasoned experts with varying – and very impressive – resumes...

Finance and fundraising, investment and innovation specialist

Mentor for Samuel Niyonzima and Samuel Nduwayzu, project leaders for HEZA Initiative.

Anton, based in Nairobi, Kenya, is a seasoned financial expert currently working in a C-suite innovation finance role with United Nations fund, The Sanitation and Hygiene Fund.

With over a decade of expertise in the financial space, his key skills lie in fundraising, business model development, financial modelling/analysis, growth investing, and investor relations.

Anton’s career has seen him navigate various industries, including agritech, healthcare, financial technology, logistics, and - more recently - sanitation, hygiene and menstrual health.

Three interesting career-facts about Anton:

  1. Jet Setter: Anton has a wealth of global experience, having worked for companies across three different continents: Africa, Europe, and Asia.

  2. Growth Catalyst: Anton has spearheaded the growth of numerous businesses, notably elevating African tech firm Kasha Global from $250k to $25m in annual revenue.

  3. Transaction Maestro: With a track record of 15+ executed deals, Anton excels in venture capital, growth equity, and private equity, having served as an investor, M&A advisor, and C-level executive.

When it comes to personality, Anton stands out for his strategic thinking, adaptability, collaboration skills, tech-savvy nature, quick learning ability and a keen problem-solving mind. Read more about Anton on his LinkedIn profile.

Leadership whizz with an entrepreneurial streak

Mentor for Michelle Jennings, project leader of Ripple Movement.

Tracey, based in Cambridge, New Zealand, is a seasoned author, speaker, and leadership coach currently heading her own consulting company, Tracey Olivier Consulting.

With over two decades of professional experience, primarily in the coaching space, her key skills lie in business and leadership coaching, building healthy teams, and CliftonStrengths and Working Genius training.

Over the years, Tracey's rich coaching experience has seen her contribute to diverse industries, including building, software, legal, corporate, medical, manufacturing, and even church settings.

Three interesting career-facts about Tracey:

  1.  Keen Entrepreneur: Tracey has a strong entrepreneurial streak, having started multiple ventures including a successful Christian networking organisation, business magazine, and later her leadership consulting business.

  2. Involved Leader: She “walks the leadership talk”, having held roles as president of Cambridge Toastmasters, educator co-ordinator of Business Network International’s Te Awamutu Chapter, regional area manager for Venus Businesswomen in the Waikato, and chair of the Cambridge Business Chamber.

  3. Speaker and Writer: Tracey is a respected speaker and writer on leadership and personal growth. Notably, she published her own book in 2015, titled The Journey from Here to There: Learning to navigate the Land in Between.

Those who know Tracey characterise her by her positive outlook, influential approach, and authentic demeanour. Her warm and light-hearted nature adds a unique touch to her business interactions. Read more about Tracey on her LinkedIn profile or website.

Expert in business strategy and leadership, with a 4-decade long career

Mentor for Julian Goldmann and John Young, project leaders of Jabulani Rural Health Foundation.

Colin, based in Reading, England, is a highly experienced business leader with a 40-year career largely in the dairy industry. He has held strategic management roles in both private and public sector companies.

Colin's key expertise is in the strategic management space. He’s a resident expert in business strategy, strategic implementation, small business management, corporate business management, budgeting and reporting, and team management.

While Colin's career has been deeply rooted in the all-things dairy, within that he has wide-ranging experience from dairy equipment design, production, and distribution to milking systems; from sensor technologies to process control systems.

Three interesting career-facts about Colin:

  1. Loyal Operative: Colin has held senior positions for multiple reputable companies throughout his career including Kingston Somerset, Fabdec, Sensortec and Ambic Equipment. In his first and final jobs he stayed an impressive 21 and 16 years respectively.

  2. Qualified Entrepreneur: In 2003, Colin strengthened his vast corporate experience with further study, earning an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Oxford Brookes University. Entrepreneurship remains a key interest – and area of expertise – to this day.

  3. Passion for Mentorship: Mentorship in his retirement is a way for Colin to “give back”. He hopes sharing his wealth of experience will help others develop their own successful careers.

Colin embodies enthusiasm, empathy, and energy. A motivating and supportive leader, he operates with strong ethics and is a dedicated team player. Read more about Colin on his LinkedIn profile.

We’d like to thank this year’s trio of mentors, who volunteer their time for our charity. We don’t take for granted the huge commitment they pour into the enterprises they’re matched with. Stay tuned to hear about the progress that this year's project leaders make under their mentors' expert guidance!


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