Making sales, leasing new land and securing sponsorships: Recent highlights from our 2021 social enterprises

It’s been over six months since we onboarded four new social enterprises with All Good Ventures. Come this ‘half way’ mark each year, we take time to virtually meet with each enterprise to hear their highlights and challenges, and see how we can further support them for the duration of the year.

Thus far, we’ve caught up with three of our four 2021 enterprises; Seath and Peter (Restore Social Enterprises), Peninah (Adili Africa), and John (Thunderbird Studios); and we look forward to catching up with Esther (Ministry of Chai) very soon.

As you can imagine, each Zoom call left us feeling inspired by the project leaders’ deep passion to change the lives of people in need, and impressed by the progress they’ve made in developing their social enterprise idea. Here’s some of their highlights from the last few months…

Ridi Trading (Adili Africa): Nairobi, Kenya

Project leader: Peninah Wambua

  • Building relationships on the ground. Towards the end of last year, Peninah spent many hours visiting artisans in the Eastern Province of Nairobi, with an intention to educate them about the benefits of selling their products online in this current Covid-19 climate. This was a challenging process, due to a lack of understanding and apprehension from many artisans about the online sales process. Lots of education and reassurance took place, with many eventually jumping onboard.
  • NEW website is live. In December, after many evenings and weekends spent working on photography, web design and general content, Adili Africa launched their brand new website. Artisans products are now officially available for sale online internationally – what a milestone!
  • First wholesale client through the door. Currently, Peninah is in conversation with Adili Africa’s first wholesale client; an exciting step on the journey to seeing larger volumes of product sold. She’s also networking with organisations such as Kenya’s Chambers of Commerce in an effort to meet more potential international wholesale buyers.
  • Current challenge: Refining the wholesale process is top-of-mind for Peninah. She’s working out pricing, minimum and maximum order numbers, a way to store wholesale pieces, a look-book for potential wholesale customers and more. Digital Marketing is her other priority; a task that All Good Ventures is supporting her with via pro bono training.

Restore Social Enterprises: Brisbane, Australia

Project leaders: Seath Holswich and Peter Murphy

  • Sales, sales, sales. Recently, Restore Social Enterprises achieved the huge milestone of starting to sell home and office furniture. As part of this, they organised two carpark events with furniture publicly available for purchase. Every dollar raised has inched them closer to their vision of employing people with disabilities in the Moreton Bay Region. 
  • Brand new premises locked in. In February, Seath and Peter signed a lease for a parcel of land in Lawnton! On it, they will start to build their business ventures including their furniture arm, household library arm, and more as time goes on. This is a huge – and very exciting – step forward.
  • A vehicle joins the team. A recent grant from a Queensland organisation has allowed Restore Social Enterprises to purchase a van, which will be used to collect donations, move furniture, transport people and generally help them achieve their goal of restoring hope, dignity and independence through employment for those who need it most.
  • The first employee (watch this space!). Looking ahead, Restore Social Enterprises is hoping to employ the first person from their target cohort later this year. They’re on-track to see this happen, so keep your ears out for the news.
  • Current challenge: Currently their biggest challenge is refining their warehousing model. Now that they have the Lawnton land, they’re able to progress the utilisation of shipping containers. They continue to tweak their warehousing model, alongside other aspects of their overall business plan.

Thunderbird Studios: Fort St. John, Canada

Project leader: John Lambert

  • Exciting partnership in progress. John has been working hard to establish a partnership with a local social impact organisation. The organisation has expressed excitement about Thunderbird Studio’s plans to support young indigenous addicts and human trafficking survivors via educational programmes, and is currently brainstorming how they can help him achieve this. Watch this space.
  • Small sponsorships rolling in. John has also recently secured some small sponsorships for tools and supplies, as well as some small donations. Every contribution helps towards getting his education programmes up and running.
  • Working hard on programme details. Currently, John is working on the continued development of Thunderbird Studios’ educational programmes to support the social enterprise’s target people group. In particular he’s nutting out the details for an indigenous arts programme and a carving programme. He hopes to have this finalised and start recruiting participants come Canada’s summertime.
  • Current challenge: The general overwhelm of things to do! There’s a never-ending list when it comes to lauching a social enterprise and John is in the thick of it. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he juggles it all.

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