A new partnership with international agency, Impact Consulting

We’re very excited to announce a development in our Mentoring Programme this year: a partnership with international consulting agency, Impact Consulting.

Impact Consulting reached out to us earlier this year with an offer we couldn’t refuse. They saw our call for applications go out on social media and contacted us. Their consultants - who come from world leading universities and business schools - would like to come alongside some of our social enterprises each year in a business mentoring capacity, pro bono!

We've decided to utilise their expertise as part of the 'Mentoring' component of what All Good Ventures offers.

Here's how the partnership will work:

  1.  Our founders, Heather and Rod, will work with Impact Consulting upfront each year to determine which social enterprises might benefit most from their involvement. 
  2. Once determined, Impact Consulting will come alongside those enterprises for three months of intensive business support, including the development of a business plan. Each enterprise is allocated a team comprising and engagement manager and 5 mentors in areas such as finance, marketing, and strategy; the total support equating to 1 FTE. Wow! 
  3. After the three month Impact Consulting programme concludes, All Good Ventures will work with each enterprise as required to find another mentor in our networks who will continue helping them implement their business plan and ideas that emerge from Impact Consulting. (This brings the total Mentoring Programme duration to one year).

This year, the three social enterprises to benefit from Impact Consulting’s support are: Thunderbird Studios, Restore Enterprises and Ridi Trading. Ministry of Chai will undertake our internal mentoring programme with Heather and Rod.

We’re very excited to see how this new partnership goes. Ultimately, we’re confident it will help our social enterprises fast-track their move from ‘seed’ stage – or just an idea - into ‘start-up’ stage, where their product or service is live and the business is working towards sustainable growth. 


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