Founders to donate further funds to All Good Ventures

Heather's business to donate 100% of profits to All Good Ventures

Those of you who know Rod and I know we both own our own businesses (or part of one, in the case of Quantec!).  

My business is HMC, which is a small PR agency based in Hamilton, New Zealand.  This year I actually am celebrating my 15th year in business.  It's been a fun ride, that's for sure.

To mark this significant milestone, I've decided to do something radical.  From this financial year onward, I'm donating 100% of HMC's profits to All Good Ventures.  Yep, that's right, all of it!

On Wednesday 16 October, my team is telling our clients this 'good news' and we can't wait to hear the reaction.  Say a prayer, cross fingers or whatever you do to wish us luck with getting the word out.

Here's a link to a story about HMC's 15th anniversary and our big announcement.  Enjoy!

- Heather Claycomb


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