16,000 Ugandans freed from health poverty

We've been chomping at the bit to announce our second supported venture, whom we started talking to way back in January!  Finally, we've got the funding and support sorted, so we can make the announcement.

All Good Ventures is supporting OneDay Health.

This amazing organisation, headed by Kiwi doctor Nick Laing, is building simple health centres in extreme rural areas of Uganda, bringing these communities access to healthcare which they otherwise couldn't access.  The name 'one day health' refers to the goal of ensuring all Ugandans are within one day's walk from a healthcare centre.

What's the need?

In Uganda, 10 million people live more than 5km (3 miles) from a healthcare facility:  what is referred to as 'healthcare black holes.'  When rural citizens get sick in these black holes, they have few options. They either wait and hope they get better, or spend a crippling amount of money on transport to reach a health facility.  OneDay Health launches basic, comprehensive health centers in these black holes, to provide consistent, high quality healthcare in the most remote, vulnerable communities.

All Good Ventures wants to use our funding and support to 'free' people from some sort of deprivation.  In this case, we'll be helping to 'free' people from health poverty.  (cue happy dance here!)

But wait, there's more (all)good news!

Another extremely exciting development is that our All Good Ventures business mentor who will work with Nick got off the phone with Nick for the first time and said, "Whatever grant you guys decide to give Nick, I will match it dollar for dollar!"  We were blown away.  What a vote of confidence that we are investing in the right ventures.

Together, our funding will help provide healthcare to 16,000-20,000 who didn't have access before! 

Note from Nick

Here's a recent note from Nick:

"An enormous thanks to All Good Ventures and your mentor.

"We're obviously going to give it everything we've got to make the launch of the new hubs a success for the rural citizens of Uganda, and demonstrate the faith you have put in us is warranted.

"The timing is also excellent, as we just got another grant confirmed, so are now well set up to launch the two new hubs, totalling 16-20 health centers starting later this year. It's very exciting, but also slightly daunting knowing that we are full steam ahead, and moving to other remote areas that we are unfamiliar with. A lot to do practically to set everything up from here, but looking forward to it!

"Again, enormous thanks. I'll get in touch with my mentor again soon to further explore some of his ideas, and make sure we are making the most of the business opportunities we have, both in Uganda and New Zealand.

-Nick, on behalf of the OneDay Health team


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