Want to submit a *standout* application? Here's FIVE top tips from us

We take applications from social entrepreneurs all over the world annually between 1 – 31 March. Each and every applicant is gunning for the same thing; Money, Mentoring and Muscle support to bring their people-helping business idea to life. Here are five top tips to help YOU stand out amongst the other applicants. Happy reading, and good luck!

Tip 1: Get familiar.

It might sound simple, but it’s one of the best tips we can offer: get familiar with All Good Ventures and whether your social enterprise idea actually qualifies for our support. The best way to do this is to thoroughly browse our website; especially our apply webpage, which lists six simple but specific application criteria. This way you’ll know upfront whether to go ahead with your application, or whether you’re better to seek support elsewhere. If you have any questions after browsing our website, please reach out to us; we’re always happy to help.  m.      

Tip 2: Think 'financial sustainability'.

It’s very important to our founders that we fund/support financially sustainable ideas; so much so that it’s one of our application criteria (number 3)! By “financially sustainable”, we mean that your social enterprise won’t rely on grants or donations forever. We want to see that your business model strives to make enough revenue to, eventually, cover costs including salaries AND return a profit for the benefit of people in need. Our advice? Slow down when you get to the 'Financial Sustainability' section of the application form. Explain your business model clearly, and include any budgeting or timeline work you've undertaken to support it.

Tip 3: Be clear WHO you’re supporting.

As you’re hopefully aware, we only fund/support ideas that will use cashflow or eventual profits to bring freedom to people in desperate need. This is so important to us that we’ve made it one of our application criteria (number 4). With this in mind our tip is to, again, slow down when you get to the 'Profits for People in Need' section of the application form. Be specific about the community your social enterprise will support? Describe in detail where they are based, the challenges they face and how these affect their lives. Use as much data/as many statistics as possible. This will help us thoroughly understand the need your social enterprise is serving.

Tip 4: Proof, proof, proof.

A quick tip, but one worth mentioning. Before hitting send, go through your application form and make sure you’ve answered every question as best you can. The devil is in the detail. And remember, if you can’t complete your form in one sitting or need to take a break, that’s fine! ~If~  you're logged into your Google account, your application will automatically save as a draft for 30 days. This means you don’t have to worry about starting over the next time you open your it.

Tip 5: Don’t be late!

Our fifth and final tip is to ensure you make the application deadline of 31 March. If you’re a procrastinator (like some of us!), it might help to set yourself a reminder a good few days before the end of March. Unfortunately we don’t accept applications after this date, as we like to get straight into the assessment process - reading through your wonderful business ideas takes some time (and is so worth every minute)!

Now you’ve read our hot tips, you’re ready to start your application! We can’t wait to be inspired by your people-helping business idea. All the very best, from the All Good Ventures team.


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