Gifts that give back: Five social enterprises to buy from this Christmas

'Tis the season of joy and giving! And we're here to make your holiday shopping not only less stressful – but impactful. This year, as in years past, we've curated a list featuring five of our fave social enterprises from New Zealand and beyond to purchase from this Christmas. Here we go…

  1. Sawubona
    If you follow us on social media, you’ve already seen us flying Sawubona’s flag. As one of the social enterprises we supported in 2022, we’re big fans of this business. Business owner, Esther, sells stunning traditionally handcrafted homewares made by more than 60 talented artisans from Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa. Products include baskets and handbags, bowls and coasters, spoons and scoops and African tea. Profits enable artisans to make a living for their families. 
    New Zealand based, ships nationwide.

  2. Seeds and Stories
    Another one of our 2022 enterprises, Seeds & Stories is a women-led social enterprise based Western Uganda. Local artisans craft beautiful made-to-order handbags and shoes. The profits generated contribute to valuable initiatives, including vocational training programs, literacy classes, and education in permaculture design and regenerative agriculture for the artisans. In short, this business is using fashion as a tool for women empowerment and environmental regeneration. Now that’s something we can all get behind. Shop via the link in their Instagram bio.
    Uganda based, ships internationally.

  3. Strength and Stem
    This one’s for any UK based followers, or for those of you with friends and family living there in need of a floral pick-me-up this Christmas. Strength and Stem, who All Good Ventures supported last year, empowers female survivors of human trafficking through a transformative floristry training programme. The programme's funding comes from the sales of Strength & Stem's exquisite blooms. This Christmas, they’re selling gorgeous floral wreaths and gift vouchers – what a perfect opportunity to indulge in the beauty of blooms while contributing to a meaningful cause.
    UK based, ships mainland UK-wide.

  4. The Loyal Workshop
    We've featured them before, but our affection for The Loyal Workshop endures – especially since they happen to be the family of our Trust Manager! So, let's highlight them once more. This business is the place to shop high-quality eco-leather goods. The Loyal Workshop sells beautiful bags, satchels, belts, wallets and more. They’ve also JUST launched a tool pouch for the handyman in your life this Christmas. Their artisans are women from backgrounds of poverty, each with their own story of trauma and oppression from Kolkata’s sex trade. The profits generated play a vital role in providing these artisans with fair wages and liberating more women from the constraints of the red light district.
    India based, ships worldwide.

  5. 27 Seconds
    Who can resist a bottle of wine or two as a festive gift? Or, if you're the Christmas host this year, why not get your best wine glasses out and put on a tasting party from the comfort of your own home? Talk about extra festive. Purchase wine or host a wine party with 27 Seconds and you’ll help free people from modern day slavery. All profit goes to the company’s partner, Hagar, which provides intensive recovery care to survivors of slavery, trafficking and severe abuse in Cambodia and Vietnam, and humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan. 
    New Zealand based, ships elsewhere.

As you can see, these businesses don't just offer unique and high-quality products; they also embody the spirit of giving back by passing their profits on to those less fortunate. By choosing to support them, you're not just wrapping up thoughtful gifts, you're helping to transform lives. So grab your wallets, and embark on a festive shopping experience that goes beyond the ordinary! Merry Christmas and happy shopping, from All Good Ventures!


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