Since our inception in 2018, we have provided social entrepreneurs from all over the world with the resources they need to kickstart their business idea. Meet the social enterprises to whom we currently offer funding, mentoring, and business support.

Morningside Urban Market Garden

MUMG exists to support migrant and refugee-background women in Auckland, New Zealand, with little or no formal education. MUMG teaches these women (employed part time) to grow microgreens and edible flowers at two Auckland sites. The women learn valuable gardening and business skills and the produce is sold to 10+ local cafes. Profits are used to pay workers, and put back into the business for items such as water tanks; watering systems; tools; consumables like compost, water, seedlings; and operating costs such as utilities, teaching resources and gloves.

Website: www.growspace.org.nz

The Good Karma Company

The Good Karma Company makes deliciously scented wooden wick candles and uses profit to help bring education to children in the Pacific Islands. Founder, Bhavisha Kumar, started her social enterprise after hearing of the difficulties her Father's family went through, growing up in Fiji with limited access to education. By selling the candles online and at local markets, she hopes to put profits towards building a library as a first step, and eventually a school in a few years' time.

Website: www.thegoodkarmacompany.co.

OneDay Health

OneDay Health launches health centres in the most remote parts of Uganda. Their goal is that one day, every rural Ugandan will access quality healthcare.They train nurses and equip them with medication to treat people in these vulnerable communities. Thanks to them, dozens of health centres have been installed and 65,000+ patients treated! They continue to set up and run centres as they’re able, and are working on ways to make the organisation a profitable model (a social enterprise)... watch this space.

Website: www.onedayhealth.org

Our Remainders

Our Remainders, formerly known as Aspargove, is a social enterprise designed to bring food security in New Zealand. Its purpose is to capture food leftovers and innovatively create them into something new. Specifically, it seeks to establish a high-end food product line solely made from rescued food (jams, chutneys, soups, etc.) that would otherwise end up in the landfill but cannot be used in food parcels. Profits from the social enterprise will help free people from food insecurity, hire people into jobs and lift them out of poverty, and help support reducing waste to landfill.

Website: www.thegoodfale.com/our-remainders

Whistlebox App

Whistlebox is a mobile app designed to help users reduce stress and anxiety in difficult situations. It connects to your smart watch, recognises your level of stress by measuring an increase in your heart rate, then plays your chosen audio, photos or video when you’re triggered. The idea for Whistlebox came out of the creators own personal journey with road rage, anger and stress management. He developed the initial prototype for the App to help in his own recovery. Then, having seen personal success, he wanted to help others. Profits from the app will be funnelled back into various charities.

Website: www.whistlebox.care


Do you have a business idea that will reinvest the majority of profits back into people?
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