All Good Ventures provides social enterprise support in three ways: seed funding, business mentoring and additional business support from volunteers with 'muscle' to help with small jobs.


All Good Ventures provides small grants - 'seed funding' - to get business ideas off the ground.  Our grants won't be all the money you need, but they will help give you the momentum you need to launch.

We see our role as taking a risk to fund great business ideas that lead to some sort of freedom for a distinct group of people anywhere around the world.  That’s a loose set of criteria and we like it that way!

All Good Ventures helps turn your social enterprise idea into reality.


We envision our funding being used for things like:

  • Funding a reconnaissance trip to your target community to research a need and make connections
  • Purchasing data to research a business location, people group, regulations and laws
  • Funding to help apply for consents and permissions to set up business
  • Covering expenses related to forming partnerships
  • Purchasing the basics required to start operations

These are just examples - there’s no limit to what we’re open to funding.

Generally, our grants fall into these general three guidelines:

  1. Grants are relatively small, between $5,000-$20,000 (USD)
  2. We fund items or initiatives not covered by other funding organisations
  3. We fund at the very start of your venture – when there’s a spark of an idea and you need some cash to fan the flame

No strings attached.  You don't have to pay us back.


All we ask is two things, that you.

  1. Use the money given for its intended purpose, and
  2. Agree to work with one of our All Good Ventures mentors to ensure our gift is used wisely.

And our hope is that one day, if and when your business venture is successful, you’ll give back in a similar way to others with ‘no strings attached’ too.  And if you want to do that through partnering with All Good Ventures, that would be great.


Our founders are entrepreneurs who have started a few businesses so they are realists who’ve done the hard yards.  We are fully aware that all business ideas do not become fully fledged companies for one reason or another.

And that’s okay – it’s all good.

We fully intend to fund some ventures that don’t become successful businesses. Our hope is, however, that the experiences of the social entrepreneurs we assist takes them one step closer to living their life purpose. When that happens, All Good Ventures chocks every funded experience up as a success.


We have some of the best business minds who volunteer their time to help mentor our All Good Ventures.

They are men and women who are successful business owners in the commercial world. They know how to develop and implement business strategies, form successful partnerships, sell stuff and build and manage great teams.

Plus, each of our mentors are bought into the Christian values at the heart of All Good Ventures.  So they ‘get’ where you are coming from and that you have a higher purpose to fulfil than just making a quick buck.

Once All Good Ventures selects you and provides you with a grant, we match you up with one of our business mentors who will provide social enterprise support by keeping you on the right track during your critical start-up phase.

Part of our mentors’ role is to also help you with a business and funding plan so that you have a roadmap once you successfully 'graduate' from the All Good family of funded ventures.


When you’re starting any business, there’s always a million jobs to do.

One other way All Good Ventures provides social enterprise support is by promoting volunteer opportunities through our extensive international networks.

No matter what job you need done in your new venture, we provide you with networks to ask for hands, feet, brains, brawn... and, of course, prayer support... to get it all done.

In addition to our personal networks, our social online networks are also used to find the muscle you need.


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